Filthy Frank
Profile: TVFilthyFrank
Twitter: @FilthyFrank
Facebook: TheFilthyFrank
Style: Comedian
Date Joined: June 15th 2008 (Original channel), January 22nd 2013 (New channel)
Date Shut Down: N/A
Subscribers: 3 Million*
Videos: Unknown
Schedule: Unknown
Status: Active
Other Accounts: TooDamnFilthy

Filthy Frank is a half Japanese half Australian Youtuber.

About Edit

Frank is mostly known for his shocking and offensive videos. HowToBasic and Maxmoefoe has appeared in a lot of Frank's videos with some being VOMIT CAKE, HAIR CAKE and HUMAN CAKE Frank appeared in HowToBasic's video called How To Catch Rare Pokemon on Pokemon GO where he played Alakazam and also in How To Make A Giant Kinder Surprise Egg. Frank is also known for his characters/friends, Pink Guy, Salamander Man, Safari Man, Red Dick, Lemon and Chin Chin. Some of them also sometimes make music such as Pink Guy, Santa's brother and PolitikZ.