These are the rules of the HowToBasic Wiki. If you follow them, we can give you good rewards. If you breach the rules more than 2 times, you will be banned. The length of the behavior and times you are banned is determined of how you are treated.



  • You must be over 14. Wikia is only open to people over 14, and people 13 and under will be banned until they grow up.
  • Cussing is allowed, but using them for insults are a no-no. Recurring incidents will result in a ban.
  • The media on this wiki must be related to HowToBasic or your user page. Please don't post pornography, or excessively gory media.


  • Facts posted on this wiki MUST be true. Please add useful pages, or pages about HowToBasic fandoms/wikis.
  • Plagarism is illegal, and you will be banned for infinity if you are caught.
  • Pages that are secured have been secured for a reason. We want to secure every page on the wiki, so don't even think about vandalizing pages.
  • Fanfictions are not welcome on this site.
  • Fanart is not allowed. If you wanna post fanart, do it on
  • Wikia is an opinion-free editing space, and is meant to be social fun for everyone and troll free.
  • Use proper English in articles. You are not welcome to use gibberish or trash talking in comments and chat.
  • Chat is enabled so you can communicate there. Don't get to cocky there...
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