Profile: Maxmoefoe
Twitter: @maxmoefoe
Facebook: Max Stanley
Style: Comedian
Date Joined: November 14th 2007
Date Shut Down: N/A
Subscribers: 700k+*
Videos: Unknown
Schedule: Unknown
Status: Active (Except for Maxmoefoecollection)
Other Accounts: maxmoefoetwomaxmoefoegamesmaxmoefoePokemon
Max Stanley (Born August 10, 1993) known on YouTube as maxmoefoe is an Australian YouTube Celebrity.

About Edit

He is mostly known for his pranks calls and video game playthroughs but he also makes "Mail Time" videos in which he opens every single bit of mail sent to his from his fans. On December 14 2015 Max said that he is 100% retiring prank calls. Max now mainly uploads skits and challenges with iDubbbzTV TVFilthyFrank and Anything4views, Max has 5 channels in total: Maxmoefoe, Maxmoefoetwo, Maxmoefoegames, MaxmoefoePokemon & MaxmoeMasturbation. However he is only active on 4 Channels: Maxmoefoe, Maxmoefoetwo MaxmoefoePokemon and Maxmoefoegames.


Following a prank call Max made to an auto repair shop by the name of "Lord of the Dings" Max wound up on the Australian news, The store owner had complained to the police who told him there was nothing they could do about it, aggravated by this the owner went to the news in an attempt to gain more publicity for his business.

An Omegle video Max posted got him a strike due to a (censored) video clip of a boy masturbating on the video chat site as a part of Max's "trolling on Omegle" series, it's unclear how old the boy was and so even though it was censored it was considered inappropriate and was promptly removed.

In 2012 Max posted a video of himself pretending to be a 13 year old girl on omegle in which he ended up revealing a man as a pedophile. The video was taken down by YouTube for the content of the video and gave Stanley a strike on his channel. Following the guidelines set in place by Google, Max's account was banned for two weeks and he returned to YouTube seeming a bit more enlightened as to what his videos should contain.

Many people have mistakenly thought that Max's October 2013 - May 2014 main channel absence is due to a ban, however this is incorrect.

After a 6 month hiatus Max returned on all 5 channels.

Social MediaEdit

Max is currently Active on the following forms of social media: