How To Make a Giant Chocolate Easter Bunny is the 459th episode of HowToBasic.

Synopsis Edit

In the kitchen, HowToBasic makes a chocolate bunny until he puts too many eggs in the bowl. He burns the set and coughs. He uses a shovel, and throws eggs on the set, along with various other ingredients. He throws ice and squirts chocolate sauce into the bowl. He then squirts the sauce in the floor and on his legs. He has a tantrum until he rubs the sauce into his legs. He washes it off. He puts some chocolate bunnies on a table and bashes them with a shovel. A man arrives at HowToBasic’s house. His face is covered in cream. HowToBasic covers his legs and chest in chocolate sauce. He shushes him. He feeds the man a carrot which he spits out twice! He puts a deeley bopper with bunny ears on the man’s head and he spits out the chocolate sauce. HowToBasic gives a thumbs up to end the video.