How To Dry a Shirt In 30 Seconds is the 469th episode of HowToBasic.

Synopsis Edit

HowToBasic turns the tap on, and leaves water pouring into it for a few seconds. He turns the tap off. He puts a T-Shirt into the water, and puts in on a table. He sprinkles water in the shirt. He then goes to an Electrolux washing machine and angrily throws the shirt and some eggs into it. He then gets a gun and shoots a lot of eggs from it. He then wets the interior of the washing machine, accompanied by fart noises. He then puts the shirt onto a table and punches the shirt several times until he uses a blowtorch to burn it. He then puts the shirt into a microwave and sets the timer for 3 hours. He then throws the microwave onto the kitchen floor and pours milk into it, accompanied by some more farts. He takes the shirt out of the wet microwave and puts it on a baking tray. He adds salt, pepper, paprika, onion powder, mixed herbs, chilli flakes, barbecue sauce, mustard, tomato sauce, Red Bull energy drink, green grapes and Doritos. He then puts the shirt in an oven and sets it to bake on high for three hours. He opens the oven and lots of smoke can be seen. HowToBasic coughs as takes he shirt out of the oven. He then folds the burnt shirt and throws the shirt on the table. He also bashes on it. He feels something under it. He grabs the T-Shirt and reveals a duck. Finally, HowToBasic gives a thumbs up.